anyone use MonaVie?


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my buddy is involved in a start up company that is pedaling a product based on similar fundamentals. basically, it is a powdered drink mix that is made from organic non fruits and veggies, and is loaded with pytochemicals. the taste is more palatable than the odwalla stuff.

while i don't like the network marketing aspect of the company, i can't help but think that this type of stuff (raw food) is the next wave in the healthier living (eating) industry. i tried the stuff for a couple of weeks (morning drink supplement) and i felt "healthier", whatever that means. not too sure if it was the hype, or it was really working :hmmm:. i may try try it out again now that i am getting back to a more regular routine.
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My cousin mentioned that he uses it and has had great results.
He mostly touts joint issues that were resolved. He had weak knees that popped and no longer does. He suggested that I try it.

I'd like to think that it's a real recommendation having nothing to do with the fact that he is now a distributor...


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I have had issues of not sleeping at night, and then having trouble waking up in the AM, as well as waking up with very sore/numb forearms and hands (I am a mechanic by trade) and in the past week or 2 I haven't noticed it nearly as much.

I am pretty sure I am one of the unhealthiest people on this site. if this can help me out, I'm all for it
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