Anyone running the new Industry Nine wheelset?

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Just wanted to hear if anyone had some input on these.


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Sold a set at the shop and the rear was back in a week with a broken spoke.Just bad luck:hmmm:They look to be well made, very nice finish and machine work on them. What we don't like is that the spoke is turned at the rim end like a traditional nipple but threads in at the hub, so it has to be very stiff to not wrap up. Makes for a super stiff wheelset but how long will they last? At close tp $1,000.00 for their wheel sets I'd wait till they've been aroud a little longer and see how they hold up. We'll sell 'em if someone wants 'em but we really recommend mavic. They put out a proven product and with the MP3 replacement program they're tough to beat.


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PixyChick has a set of pink I9s. Not sure if she will catch this post, so it might be worth a PM to her.


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Yes, I have them and like them. The 6 pawls make for quick and secure engagement. They are super stiff and light. I am only 120 lbs, but they are available with a variety of rims and spokes to match your needs. They also require a periodic spoke tension check which is nothing in time compared to maintenance on mavic hubs. I have not had any problems, but from my email inquiries, customer service seems to be pretty good.

...and then there are the colors. It's like going to a candy shop.


Thanx all.
They sure do cost a lot. And spending that kinda cash on them, you'd have to throw in that little extra and get those trick color schemes. By that time, it's damn near half the price of my whole ride. The guys at Beachwood have a bunch of photos of different color combos. If they perform as good as they look, they'd be the bomb-diggity.
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