Anyone riding in the "snow" tomorrow?


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I'm going up to try tranquility at allamuchy around 7 this morning. Hopefully firm, temps were in the mid 20's overnight per accuweather...


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Just got back from LM. For the most part a sloppy mess but a few fast/fun sections. The race course was good...


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Went out early this morn on my cheetah to ride to trail meeting for next project up at RW. The snow was just enough to cover any hidden ice. Wasn't paying attention to possible ice, and hit the deck hard. Thankfully nothing seems to be broken. Should have booboo content soon:cry:.


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Crap, sorry to hear that. Good to see you guys the other day. At some point I will actually get to start and finish a ride with you.:)
BTW I had a flat when I got out of the spoon I guess from that last crappy descent before that left turn. Boy the roads are really bad. Let us know your status and I hope you are ok.

Brian Snyder

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I pussed' and just hung out in the dungeon working on turning the Trance XO to tubeless, (Thanks J for the hook up, and advice.). and sipping an assortment of Magic Hats in the hot tub. Some times life is sweet. Another vote for Halters. And Ellen, take care of yourself. It's only like 9 days 'till we turn the clocks back.


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Thanks for your concerns. booboo's taking full color now, but jammed shoulder still not able to hold a handlebar yet. I probably could use a few days off the bike anyway. 8 days to Arizona, so I'm hoping it comes along. .... AND I think I've had enough winter:cry:

Enjoy the growing color on my winter white a$$ :eek:


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one piece crank

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Ouch. Hope you get your mobility back soon...

I did get out last night for some drifting. Had the 2.6" Gazz's around 20psi and played in alternating stretches of 'oatmeal' and re-freeze over pavement. Very stable and confidence-inspiring feel from the wide, cushy SS. These were the first really fun riding conditions with complete absence of "wet" in the snow slurry. I can't believe we're due for rain and 60F later this week!

I might sneak out late tonight for a run on the river trails...

Tom P.
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