Anyone ride Mooch today? (Saturday Nov 1st)


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Anyone have a detailed description of the status of Mooch North? Any of the trails in better condition than others?



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A buddy of mine rode there today and said although there were some trees down and some limbs to clear it wasn't unrideable. Just keep in mind that you'll have to stop every now and then to clear stuff and you'll be fine and helping out the trails :D


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Rode the red ranger loop and blue iron ??? loop today. Not my usual rides but I wanted something different. A couple of trees down on red where it joins the highlands trail. I moved a couple but one was too big. Nothing a standard size saw and 10 minutes wouldn't fix but too big for me to move. Otherwise, the trails really need some riding. Tons of leaves and and lot of dead sticks getting sucked up into my drivetrain - luckily no damage.

BTW, what's the significant of the black graffiti like markings that say DD --> on the red trail?
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