Anyone Racing this weekend?

NJ Jess

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Going to the races too!

Hey there! I will be at Ringwood for the race too! I'm going to do trail maintenance on Saturday, camp, and race on Sunday. The H2H series is great! Next Sunday, the H2H is racing Hidden Valley. Wow, what a climb! Hidden Valley is probably the most fun out of all the H2H races. It usually has a band playing as you ride, the course can be seen by spectators in numerous spots, and they sell beer at a dollar a pop!

The Lewis Morris Challenge, a fast single track race, is on Saturday Sept 17th. It looks like a lot of fun too!

I'm trying to get some more women do enter the All-U-Muchy 50 km race on October 16th. It takes 10 women entered to have a cash payout for the womens open. It kinda sucks. They know that the Darkhorse 40 had 7 women total.

Well I hope to see you out there. I'm in the master womens sport category. Smiles, NJ Jess
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