Anyone doing FRS?


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Was curious if anyone else is experimenting with FRS. I saw it was a part sponser for Lance and went to the site to read about it and signed up for a free month trial sample. It contains Quercetin and other stuff and I have used it over the last couple of weeks. I have found that it does seem to raise some energy level however it does contain 35mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving (claims to help body absorb other key nutrients). I usually do Cytomax stuff with no caffeine and actually take in very little caffeine at all so it is hard to know if I am feeling the effects of the caffeine more than anything else. It is meant to be taken 1/2 hour prior to activity so I am still using Cytomax during a ride for taking in calories etc. Just curious if anyone else checked it out and how/if it has an effect.


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They offered my team to try it a few years ago. I only tried it once. I did not notice any energy gain, only the feeling like I was going to barf. Perhaps I drank it too close to the ride. I prefer the idea of slow burn drink for during the ride, rather than something big before.


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I used it a bit when it first came out. Wasn't into training back then so I didn't notice any big results.

I like the EFS now.


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I tried a sample pack and still have a few samples left. Personally I know it was a low sugar drink packed with B vitamins which is a good thing. I can't say I noticed energy increase etc. but I will say it wasn't horrible and since then they have more flavors. The only problem was the price for this stuff...expensive when your basically buying a low sugar vitamin drink.
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