anyone been to kingdom trails?


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I was there last August. Awesome trails.!!
I guess summer will be the best time to go. Just hope it doesn't rain because they are very strict about maintaining their trails and they close them if they get too much rain.

There's gotta be at least 2 or 3 threads about Kingdom Trails here from last a quick search. Lots of info there about lodging and what not.


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I went there a 4-5 years ago. They were pretty good but my favorite trails in VT are in Stowe and Waterbury. I've heard Hinesburg has some good trails too but never got to check them out.


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Was there in September 06 and October 07 and 08.
Riding in the fall was great, we had great weather every time.
I love that place, rode for 5 days this past October.


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Lots of buffed, swoopy singletrack up there, correct?

Mrs.ChrisG and I have been talking about finally pulling the trigger on a trip up there this year, particularly in light of Pedros(Kenda)Fest getting kinda sketchy lately.


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I've been there twice. Took my geared FS and SS bike. The place is very SS friendly, especially on the Burke mountain side.


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I am not sure if you can call it buff, there are no rocks, but some of the trials are really rooty, so not as smooth as say Allaire but by no means "technical". definitely fast twisty and wicked fun.
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