Anyone available to show a guest around at Ringwood?



Hello Everyone,
I'm in town on business for a short while, and would like a tour guide of Ringwood if possible.
I can be in Lot C tonight between 6:00 and 6:15ish.
I know that's late, but we can still get in an hour of daylight riding,
and I have a light so we can continue after dark if you'd like.
I've been to Ringwood a number of times and have done some night riding there already, but I still get lost too easily.
Please oh please, someone please be available to ride with me! Thanks!
P.S. NJ Jess told me to post here.
Hi Mark,

Do you have a gps? You can download routes from the Ringwood trail directory page that would be useful. I wouldn't be able to make it over that way tonight unfortunately...
don't park in lot c if you plan on being there till or after dark. park at the school. take the right at the four way before you head into the park, the school will be on your left.
Thanks for the replies.
For some reason, I didn't get an email notification of the replies so I just saw them tonight.
I hooked up with one of the people I met last year (goes by VGT on the mtbr boards) and we went riding two weeks ago on Wednesday night.
We started in the daylight, but had to switch on the lights towards the end.

We were too busy riding to really snap any photos, but here are a few that I took.
I hope you enjoy looking at them:

VGT in the distance after walking up a tricky rock faced step-up:

Some trailside maintenance needed after a pebble lodged itself
really tight into the jocky wheel.

VGT gets armed and ready for some night riding:

I know that thes photos aren't really that earth shattering, but we were trying to ride in the daylight as much as possible, and that doesn't leave much time for stopping for photos.

Anyway, here are a few more pics I snapped while I was out the other night.
I went back the following week and rode by myself for about an hour and finished in the dark on my own. kinda creepy and cool at the same time. :)

This is on part of the race course I believe.
I love riding over those long rocks that look like concrete bumper stops:

This one's a bit blurry, but I was trying to illustrate how rocky the trail is
compared to our trails back home:

And here are some items that really caught my eye.
The shock of color in the otherwise brown and green environment was really cool:

I already shipped my bike back home b/c my work load ramped up at a very accelerated rate. Oh well. At least I got to enjoy Ringwood for a few nights!

Enjoy the pics and have a great weekend!
yeah cool pics....i like the night shot with the light casting down from your headlamp.
Thanks for the compliments!
I sure wouldv'e liked to have my bike there this past week. It was gorgeous in Montvale!
rey, those ones aren't magic. they are edible though. commonly called hen of the woods or sulfer caps. one of the few unmistakable varieties of edible mushrooms. of course, that said, it's probably some other kind of poisonous mushroom and i'm completely wrong. i don't think i am though.
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