Anybody Interested In Doing a Trail Day At The Eco Preserve?


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I used to ride there all the time with my buddy Jake until he moved to Cali two years ago and haven't been there since then. I went there for the first time since then on saturday and man does it need some TLC. (We all know what goes on in those trails, so not that kind of TLC for all the jokers out there) Anyway I used to have a really good time riding those trails and there are some real good trails back there but they need some real maintainace and maybe some new fun things to play on back there. :)hmmm: pump track maybe.......)
So if anybody is interested let me know and we can actually setup a trail day there and I can get a chance to meet some of you guys.
Somebody said to me, that trail is dead nobody rides there anymore, which I can beleave by the condition of the trails. But let try to change that cause the place is really a fun ride............


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i'd be down - i can't do anything right now, i have a new addition to the family so free time is gone right now.

do you know who we contact for the OK to get in there with some tools?

i was there not too long ago... it does need some help.


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I don't know who we need to contact to do the work in there. I am kind of thinking about doing it outlaw style. I don't think we will get in any trouble as long as we just don't disturb the actual wildlife area and just concentrate on cleaning up the trails themselves. If anybody knows any info about who we need to speek with to make it a legit trail day I am all ears. But I like living life on the edge. Hell I ride a bike in the woods between trees............:D


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Hi guys... I think its admirable that you want to step forward and clean up the place. However, here's my gray hair showing... ;) you really should contact the land manager before you do anything beyond light trail work. If you're clearing deadfall and face slappers, you are probably OK (even then you can be reprimanded if the land manager catches you in there and he's having a bad day).

Anything beyond that and you risk arrest, a beating and being sent to a turkish prison. Worst part is that you'll make mountain bikers look like we're doing rogue trails on someone else's land.

I don't know who the land manager is but google around a little bit and I am sure you can locate a superintendent, head ranger or the like. Tell them you want to help and who knows you may be able to be in there on the up and up, making the place better for all.

If you have any questions, or get a runaround, I'd be happy to make a call on your behalf and try to get things rolling.



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cool thanks, I am going to send them an email to see what we have to go through to do a trail day. Maybe if more then one person sends them an email they might respond quicker. So if anybody else wants to write them that would be good.


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I sent an email requesting info on trail maint; I rode there several times a week during my 2.5 year drunken stay at RU.:puke:


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Yo Flat, nice find with the map showing trails...thats a real find. Thanks for posting it.
I was out there tonight and there is one trail that needs mega work:
if you were coming from the house that has the tennis court on river road you would take the left's all bermy, like a gulley in a lot of spots and it has those overgrown bushes that make tunnels. Its a great little run, and if you connect it with the stuff on the other side of the ravine its real sweet. I tried to hit the tunnel but it was like gnome height.
I will try to do some clip as I go on it next ride, hadn't been back there in a while...
The other spot that needs something is that crossing at the base of the hill where the big stunt drop off thing is...there's that fallen tree in there. That spot would be great for a bridge, keep that line along the creek flowing.
Thats a big one, sure we have all dreamt of it...
I am down for TM whenever here, count me in. I have tools, trimmers, rakes... all that stuff.
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