Any updates?


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Hey Manny, no pressure but its been 4 months...

Figured it would be nice to have a thread with some sort of news that isn't just a locked homophobic comment forum.

I have a bad feeling that this is so far down on the Rutgers admin list that they are never going to get back to you with anything organized.
We were at the preserve last week for a fast evening spin/workout. It was fast - the dryest we've ever seen this place. There didn't seem to be much trash, and there were no people (given the late evening hour). I'm guessing this is a low priority for RU given the current $ climate. As always, the place needs some love. Next time we go, I think we're gonna carry in some trimming tools in our packs and pitch in a little.

There's not much in the way of technical stuff, so it's good for newbies.
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