Any updates on SOMOCON?


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Been hearing since last year that South Mountain Conservancy(SOMOCON) may open a multi-use trail open to mtbr's sometime early this year. Anybody know what the latest is on this? I'm minutes from these set of trails and am itching to ride there but want to ride legally!!


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what she said :)

how can you help? glad you asked :) keep your eyes out for upcoming announcements here, or we will be starting up more trail work with somocon in the spring and for now, all that I can state is that there is support for sustainable multi-use trails. with the contentious deer hunt in progress, the best thing the mtb community can do is be patient, discreet and support somocon and jorba with future trail projects. I am confident they will support our community as a result.

if you are an essex county resident you can contact the essex county parks commission and express "your support of the new sustainable trails that have been built in the reservation by south mountain conservancy and the mountain bike community". snail mail is best: Dan Salvante, 465 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Newark, NJ 07102 (emails and phone calls might be deemed a nuisance but well written, positive letters are always well received!). county residents only please.

patience my friends... :)


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It would be great to get back there to ride. I only got to ride there a few times before it was closed to us (1995 i think) I remember some great trails there. Hopefully soon!!!!
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