Any Rumors of 909 Night Race for this year?


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Hey guys I'm just looking ahead at the schedule and with the race season coming to a close I'm curious as to what's out there. I know last year there was the 909 and a race at Williams Lake late in the season. Does anyone know of any other little quirky races coming up? I'm going to dabble in the CX stuff this fall but looking for other options too. Let me know.
I'm putting together a race in November at Highbridge, but it will be anything but a "typical" XC race. More details to come...
The darkness 909 was awesome last year, time trial, night, rain, and skull trophys with chain rings embedded in the cranium, with blood dripping. Costumes were invited! If you find info, please post it!
There are also two duathlon races 11/4.
One is Dirty Events in Schiff in NY and the other is King of the Hill at Round Valley.
Oooh I'm planning on doing the Mountain man but I'd love to do the 909 again. Maybe I'll do both.
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