Any rides going on this week?


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I'm looking to get out 2 or 3 times this week and I'm wondering if anybody has got any rides planned. I can be out as early as 2:30 so after 3 depending on where is usually good. Let me know. I'm gonna throw around a few ideas so I might post up a ride or two of my own if anyone is interested.


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Looks like rain is coming in a few days, so I am heading out today for some ps extra. Mr pixy and I are planning to ride Ringwood Lot C 3-3:30 start. Loop back to the Lot around 4:30 to pick up some more and maybe split into 2 groups.


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I'm riding RV tomorrow at 12:30. I know that's probably too early, but I want to get out before the rain comes.


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myself and GTLUKE will most likely be taking a lap at mahon tonight. Meeting at the Saffin pond parking lot around 5-530. Probably going to need the lights.
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