Any other race series besides H2H?


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I'm new to this mountain bike racing thing. I used to race BMX, in which I was a part of the NBL (national bicycle league). I plan on doing the H2H series in 2010. I'm sure there's other races here and there that I will train for, but I guess my main question is- is there some type of league that I need to join first in order to race my mtb? Also, how many miles are the H2H races? Thanks.


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No club needed to race your mtb. Although when you get into it enough it'll pay to get a USA Cycling license, so I guess that's a club of sorts ;) The deal is that if you're trying racing for the first time do beginner. About 6-7 miles usually. If you do really well then upgrade to sport which is 12-14 miles, then when you qualify upgrade to Expert which is 18-21 miles, then when you qualify upgrade to Pro so you can race 24-28 miles.

On the other hand there are many other series. Check out the root66 series which is more north of us. Mid Atlantic Super Series which is south. And the best one is the National Ultra Endurance series which is all over the country(I'm a little biased on that one). Google away and enjoy...

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