any one up for a Hartshorne ride tomorrow (Sunday)?


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was thinking early afternoon, say 1 pm.

8-10 miles. if I feel energetic may try the attached route.

slow pace (certainly less than 8mph avg), but minimal stops.

hit most of the bigger uphills.

I rode there today. the trails are snow covered (with a few icy spots), but more than rideable.

leave from lower lot.


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turtle -

I might be 'in'.
I'm going buggy and I gotta get out. :getsome:
Which is the lower lot...Navasink or Portland Rd??


"Sleeveless Joe"
Nice Ride!

Thanks wonderturtle for the tour of Hartshorne. It's been a few years since I got down that way and had forgotten what a fun park it really is, and the light snow may have actually helped with traction on the climbs.

Like I said, I'll be heading down with a group sometime in Feb.; I'll keep ya in the loop!


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