any one ice climb


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I rock climb and have a buddy that's been trying to get me out to the catskills to ice climb. I wouldn't mind trying it but the thought of being protected on something that melts is a little intimidating...


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the easy answer

is ...don't fall...
its tons of fun ive led a few pitches.. and mostly top rope..
its not as intimidating once you get in the groove, usually the biggest challenge is keeping warm while your belaying..

being in parsippany i guess you climb in NJ rock gym?

i havent been in the gym in forever.... a house and two kids later does that


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I climb there when I get a chance. I used to be there a lot but the more I ride outside the less time I have for NJRG. Plus I'm going to be joining a regular gym soon so there's less time for the rock gym. When I can I love to get outdoors. Climbing sport up at West Point has been my fav as of late. Only about an hour or so away and 60+ routes to play on. Works for me!
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