Any interest to build more technical sections?


Curious if anyone would want to build something, or some sort of side trail with wood and other goodies. Maybe some thin raised thin 2x4's or something.

Also, what is that first feature in the beginning of the trail from the 27 side? I was never sure on how to approach it :p
Im not sure how crazy you would want to get back there w/ that kinda stuff. It would be cool to have but im sure some park official will go back there and well we have heard what happens next.

As for what is already there they are both teeter totter type features. The first you need to hit from the 27 side. I dont think you can hit it on the way back. The second see saw well thats a no brainer.
Do NOT build anything back there.

It seems harmless but you could end all mt biking at 6 mile.

I am serious as a heart attack.

There might be a chance to have some official stunts in the future but please wait.

fair enough! :)
i wasnt talking about anything serious, maybe just a 2x4 skinny, kind of like the see-saw that is movable.
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