Any idea about this bird ?


nothing exotic - took this photo yesterday from my bedroom :scared:


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Also known as the Turkey Buzzard. FYI- There is a Mtb area in NE Ohio called vultures knob.
Buzzards love rode kill


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They are a common feature at Sourlands. It is weird.

They are literally everywhere in the state. Jim and I came across some roadkill Sunday and there were probably a dozen having a party. They often sun themselves on silos or other tall structures. It's hard to go an hour without seeing one in the sky in this state.


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I never saw many of these vultures until I moved if you go out early morning for a ride they all seem to be in packs finding dead animals and taking them apart....they can clean a small animal pretty quickly

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Black or Turkey?

That actually looks like a black vulture. The head does not look red enough to be a turkey vulture.

I think the black vulture has a total absence of red color, so any red in the face would indicate a turkey vulture (same for the brown wing feathers).

They are darn near everywhere around here. When my kids were younger, they would lay motionless in the back yard, splayed-out in train-wreck postion, hoping to attract one and catch it!

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Yeah but there is an exceptionally large amount of them at Sourlands. You're right i see them in the sky everywhere but i don't tend to see them a lot on the trails at other parks. But for some reason they hang out all over the rocks of Sourlands and leave huge poops everywhere.


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Hey Dirtybert I think these buzzards were circling when you hit the ground at Chimney Rock -- Happy anniversary eh. good to have you on the trails again!
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