Any freedivers/spearfishers??


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I just booked a surf trip and decided to bring a hawaiian sling. I will spend my freetime learning as much as I can about spearfishing. Does anyone have advice or experience that may help me through day one? :confused:


I thought it read freeriders. ooops. :rofl:

There is a movie about the history of big wave surfing. In the 50's a bunch of surfers lived on the beach in Hawaii and spear fished to survive. That's how I want to live but bikes cost too much money.
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I used to spearfish and freedive when I was in Okinawa and the first lesson I learned is, the water will be cool enough to mask the suns rays being magnified onto your back. Red turned bright red, then turned to little blisters, which then turned to one big blister that burst with enough liquid in it to soak my pants, underwear, and then down into my boots. I was sick with sun poisoning for days. Spearfishing is cool if you know what the areas dangers are, ( tides, currents, toxic fish/jellyfish,etc.) Talk to folks at the local dive shop or locals when you hit the spot. I was spearing one morning and had taken a few good sized fish and everything was cool until the blood from the fish attracted a shark. ( Do not clip the fish to a belt, use a bag on a float.) Wear a shirt or good water proof sun screen when diving, and keep your head on a swivel. You can get focused on what is right below you, get into a strong current, and not notice 'till you are far away from where you want to be.(be aware of changes around you.) If you use common sense and don't go alone, you will be fine.

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in water

everything appears larger and closer than it actally is. Therefore, the hawaiian sling will require you to get closer to the fish. Do not stare at the fish you are hunting because your mask will reflect themselves thus threating them. Do not breathe, release your bubbles, just before you fire the sling. Fish don't release bubbles, so you look "abnormal" to the fish. Besides, it ruins your aim. yes, I know they will tell you not to hold your breath, but I doubt you will be diving more than 30 feet. Happy hunting.


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keep your head on a swivel.

I've been called a swivel jaw, but swivel head will be a new experience. Thanks for all the replies - MTBNJ rules, I got more info here than on the dive boards. Maybe I will see some of you on Sunday for TM; thanks again.


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missed this thread. i did some spearfishing and freediving for scallops of all sorts and mussels when i was in mexico. it'ss great. i find regular fishing with line boring, but spear fishing was fun and challenging.


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I want to try it this way...

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