Any DH mountains still open?



I know diablos closed, and plattekill just closed for the year. Do you guys know of any lift accessible mountains that still have riding this late?
there has been some chatter about shuttle runs at ringwood on the other boards. not quite dh, but vassar farms is stunt riddled and north shore style oriented.
vassar farms is right near vassar college. a real great network of trails something for the whole family: bmx-style track, single track and some REALLY cool stunts and jumps. Hop on the ny boards, hookup with some through or find a local to show you around.
gotcha - thanks.

So this isn't less-than-an-hour driveable?
actually vasser, while not my thing, might be fun to go out to and just roll around and check it outl. I think even elle might find it fun for a change of pace sort of thing
That is some pretty wild stuff. Is this an open park or do you have to pay to get in?
Shaggz said:
When are you going?

Realistically, probably next spring. Between the upcoming ski season, holidays, and cold weather I'm not sure how many free days I'll have to mtn. bike. Although I may have the odd day off here and there, most if not all my riding will be before work until April.

Come to think of it I'm off next Mon. and Tues. Could be a Mon. the 20th thing? It's gotta be dry conditions though.
This place must be close to halftime beverages too.
older santa cruz chameleon, manitou x-vert-r, profile cranks, azonic rims on surly hubs, michelin wildgripper dh tires, jim cielinski pedals, magura hs-33's(of course), and i switch back and forth between a control tech/azonic stem/bar and a megamo trials stem/bar combo. haven't actually ridden it in a couple of years, but everything still works on it.
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