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I have never gone any of the other routes to Clayton, but this is the way I usually go.
These directions have a lot of detail to them because going this way you will not pass a single sign so landmarks are fairly important.
If you going early in the morning on a weekend stay in right lane on 537 (Monmouth Rd) West because there is usually a line to get into Six Flags.

*Take I-195 (from either direction) to exit 16A (Six Flags Great Adventure & outlet stores exit)
*Get on 537 (Monmouth Rd) West
*Pass entrance to Six Flags on right
*Pass lake on left
*Make right on Emley's Hill Rd (white house on far right corner)
*Go over single lane bridge
*Make right, still Emley's Hill Rd
*Pass horse track on left
*Straight through intersection (white church on far right)
(From here it's a little under 1.5 miles to the park)
*Stay on Emley's Hill Rd, through farmlands, road bends left, right, slight left, and left again.
*After left bend park is about 400 ft on the right, it has no sign and you will more than likely miss it the first time (i still do sometimes)
*Once on the trails don't worry about getting lost cause it's impossable so let her rip.

Have fun,

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