Another Awesome Girs Ride!!


JORBA: Ringwood
Thanks girls for coming out to Ringwood and making an awesome ride! I think that was one of the best of the year for me. We even picked up a new girl along the way. Everyone had great riding skills and there were plenty of smiles along the way.

Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about the cooler weather, but tonight it was perfect, and that sunlight was incredible. Being in the woods tonight was like magic.

Lets try to do it again soon before winter takes over.

So fun

Yes! It was a fun time. Thanks for leading us to some new trails. I love to explore that place. I'm going to bring my lights now on, don't want to get caught in the woods with a mechanical. I rode Six Mile today after work. That's a cool place too, but certainly not as vast as Ringwood. Fall is a great time to ride! Smiles, NJ Jess
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