An opportunity for JORBA & Mountain Bikers?

Allamuchy Joe

Not White House Approved
NJ proposed budget this year has drastic cuts in store for state parks. Here's the story:

Maybe JORBA can issue a press release to the effect that, as responsible citizens, we mountain bikers will do our part to help the state through the budget crisis by volunteering to help maintain trails systems in the state parks. Perhaps a contact number could be provided for those non-biking folks who would like to join our JORBA led trail maintenances.

Hell, we do it anyway so might as well take some credit for helping out. Also, it might make for some good publicity in the state for mountain bikers in general.


A strong 7
Joe, I'd like to move this to Advocacy & Access. I think JORBA maintains a metric of volunteer hours translated to the cost of park maintenance. This seems like a very good opportunity for them to present our "case" in a real positive light.
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