Am i too much of a porker to ride?



I thought that might grab attention!

So I'm still relatively new to NJ and have only ridden the 1 time with Jason and Gerard back in October or something last year. I don't ride every week, not that it means I sit around and eat burgers, I just do other stuff. But I certainly don't ride every day and race on weekends like most people on this sight seem to.

So, when I see posts for rides I think to myself, as someone who has only recently made it up that bloody hard hill at Tourne once without stopping, would I be slowing these guys and gals down?

Ok, get to the point! Is it worth making a note on ride posts along the lines of "Race Pace" or "Stroll in the Park" etc.

I generally dont post a pace when I post rides. To me that means anyone who shows is part of the group, and a "group" should ride to the slowest persons pace, or at a minimum wait for people at intersections and such when the group splits into different paced mini groups. Its all about the fun.

If I want to go shoot for a personal best I will either ride alone or with someone faster than me and let them know not to wait up.

If someone is pressed for time (All of trail "x" in 2hrs, I have to be at my wedding after the ride) or wants to ride a certain pace (Slow as fawk) thats cool too, I think it just has to be made known ahead of time.
I saw a similar issue brought up on another board, regarding the group leader's resposnibility not to drop anyone on a ride. I think most of the guys and gals that post up should/would cater a ride to all levels, unless they specify a pace. However, I have been on some "below average" that well outpaced my regular pace. I guess if you are uncertain, it is always best to pm the folks involved. Personally, I will look for any excuse to slow down, so you can always ride with me.
I think it's wise to post a planned pace. If an advanced group shows up and then one or two slower people, I'm more inclined to split up. This usually works out very well assuming there are still enough people for two groups. :)

I have only experience one "left behind" situation and we decided two groups would be the way to do it. I personally don't mind sticking with the slower group. I enjoy a fast pace as well but most important for me is being out doors with friends and just having a good time. I'd prefer to refer to my pace as drama free. I don't mind stoping even if it's for a small chat, catch your breatch, blast through your water or upchuck!! We were all there once and/or are still there now.

I can usually tell from the riders what the pace is but for those who don't know everybody it might be smart to post a planned pace such as. Race, Slow, Moderate, as fast as the slowest rider, different groups, etc.

On occations if I know that there will be a slower group and I happen to want to tear through some trails, I'll show up early and get that out of my system or I'll do a few extra miles after.

At this point, I am having a hard time with the hill at Tourne! I seriously need to get more miles on.
this is why i haven't done any rides with anyone. i honestly don't want to slow anyone up. it's not that i think i'm in bad shape b/c i'm not, but i'm also not a 160 lb cardio freak. i also have trouble with that damn gravel hill. and to date i still haven't made it down the first sketchy rocky section of the trail that has the ramps without bailing and either hitting a tree or taking one completely out. i'm 210, 205 on a good day and that's the lightest i've been in ten years. hurray for me. :)

it's funny b/c i was litterally just having this conversation with a guy a marty's. mt. biking goes against everything i've ever done as a competetive athlete: i was a lineman (ok, highschool, but still...i'm painting a picture here), i was a pretty damn good lacrosse goaile in college, and before i started riding last year, i was on my way to my first few powerlifing events. not a whole lot of distance running in any of those so i literally have to retrain my body to think differently which i'm doing b/c i love to ride.

my point is i don't want to slow anyone up...but unfortunately the only places that i know really well are the tourne (which i love) and splitrock. and i'm getting really tired of riding by myself so as soon as i think i'm in decent shape i'm going to hook up with someone, somewhere. but until then, i'll be secretly training in my little corner of the world. happy friday all... :D

Whenever I post a ride I don't care who shows up. I've had guys way slower than me and way faster than me come along on rides. I'll always wait for the slower guys and I've always had the faster guys wait for me. I honestly don't mind waiting at all. If I'm looking to ride as fast as I can I'll usually ride alone (or with guys who are faster than me). I've also gone on rides posted by faster/better riders than me and I've never had anyone care that they had to wait for me. It's all about having a good time!

Jake - I'd really like to ride splitrock one of these days. I've heard it's like a "mini moochy" but I have no idea where trails are etc. Let me know when you're up for it, would be great to get some of us together for a fun ride one of these days.
good topic.

I don't mind at all waiting for (or being waited on is more the case!) when I ride w/the group. We have a pretty diverse set of riders in our 'clan', and inevitably one or two are slower than the rest. Funny thing though, it's not always the same two! Depending upon how everyone is feeling, what they ate or drank :rolleyes: the night before, and the terrain (some guys love the hills, some can't stand it wet, etc.), it can easily mix up the group. I've certainly had my share of 'last guy up the hill' syndrome. No one minds.

For me it's about the ride, and not the speed. If anyone wants to burst ahead, or take a section faster, they're free to do so. Everyone waits at the major intersections, or after a few miles, for a regroup.

It's good to see that there are others with a similar mindset. If anyone wants to ride w/us at Ringwood, you're more than welcome to join us. You won't slow us down, and you won't embarass us if you're faster than us. OK, maybe embarass us a little.:D
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