Allendale Cycle


El Guac-Oh
Shout out to John & Dan @ Allendale Cycle for taking care of my SS.

317 Franklin Turnpike, Allendale, NJ 07401
Phone: (201) 825-0952

John's very friendly and will take good care of you. I've been bringing my bikes here for over a little more than a year and I am very satisfied with the quality & price of their services.
Once again Allendale Cycle to the rescue.

After 2 months of struggling with my Koko, I finally have it back!

John @ Allendale went out of his way to help me out. He is not even a YETI dealer, and I put him right in the middle of this mess between me, Yeti and the bike shop in upstate NY. He was on the phone with YETI a couple of times and finally was able to get me back on my bike.

It turns out YETI had to make a custom pin just for me :hmmm: or so they say....

Can't wait to try it this weekend! :getsome:
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