Allare videos 1-4-09...


Horse-faced space dog
after watching how fast you guys were single speeding through tiger woods at the end.... i officially quit biking. jeeez.

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
Nice vid. Ben. Who augered in at "the Trench?" that is the same spot I went over the bars Saturday and almost ended up on my back in the stream. I had just heard Frank saying over my shoulder "Ladies and Gentlemen, Brian Snyder." and on que I went and planted my wheel in that trench. Good times,.... Good times.


Unapologetic Lifer for Rock and Roll
Great stuff. I love listening to the commentary and the laughs especially.


Active Member
Great vid. Looks like a few SS bikes right? Would you consider that to be an intermediate pace?

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