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Trying to find map of allamuchy off of Waterloo Road.Planning a ride there early Saturday morning and I was told it was more technical than Deer park road section which we rode last weekend and had a blast. I have never been there.If anyone wants to join that would be great ,we have 4 riders so far.Any info would be a big help, we are looking for a 2 hour ride. Thanks!


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I've got a great mental map but not much on paper:D I love that place and it takes quite a while to learn. I'd definitely like to join you this weekend but too many other events going on. Maybe another time.


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Be advised that the map linked above is no longer accurate for the green trail as i found out Sunday. The white trail has been rerouted as well, but the generally runs in the same direction.

How early is early Saturday?

Are you guys fast riders with strong stamina? Allamuchy North is pretty big, i personally can't cover too much ground in there in 2 hours.
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JORBA: Allamuchy

The changes that are talked about are not a big deal, and should not prevent you from using the map. The green trail no longer stops at the juction with the white. It now continues from that intersection and turns to the north and ends at the gate off Cranberry Ledge Rd (the Park asked for this change last year). The white reroute really does not present a change to the map if you are not familiar with the park. That being said, the re-route takes out a baddly eroded section of hill and replaces it with something that is more enjoyable for more people (so I am told, not just my $0.02).

Use the map it wil help you out more that anything. Perhaps we will get an updated map posted up ont he JORBA site soon.

Also, we may have the new map that several people have asked about (if you wee a thte JORBA Fest you know tee one), on the JORBA site soon as a donation item. We will see what we do with that.

You coauld also come out for TM Saturday morning and go for a ride with the group after to get a tour!

Bob W.


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Last week we had wheels down at about 8:00 a.m. and we were back at about 11:00 or so and rode 11 miles . We dont fly but we do get into a nice flow( or so we hope) but we do stop so you`ll be fine.Still not sure which one we will be riding yet. If you want PM me idbrian.


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Thanks. That is too early for me. It was unlikely that i would be going to any early ride, but i thought the info would need to be given anyway. I have to drive an hour to get to allamuchy.


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If we ride the north section where would be the best place to park? I rode briefly at the Jorba fest this past summer and remember going through big metal gates,just never went past he lake. idbrian sorry that you cant make it,maybe next time. And THANKS to everyone for all the info!


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If you can't find someone to guide you, your best bet is parking at the Waterloo lot. If you want to be sure to not get lost you can always do the three loops off of the Waterloo rail trail on that map.

Loop one: White out, left onto yellow, yellow meets back with white, take right onto white, and back to the rail trail. Then go further out on the rail trail to Red.

Loop two: Red clockwise, then back to Waterloo rail trail. Then further out to the blue loop.

Loop three: Take either the first or second entrance to the blue trail and follow it in either direction. This is the shortest, most technical, and the biggest climb of the three loops. End the loop and head back to the car.

This would be about 10 miles of riding, and would give you taste of what the park has to offer.


Where are you meeting for Allamuchy ride???

The area is a blast - but I've gotten very lost there in the past.
like to join you - Are you meeting at waterloo village at 8?


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wlee, mtnrider you guys have more in common than you know.

I'd be at this one but I'll probably be keeping Charlie company at KVSP (and if it wasn't so damn early!)


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Sorry mtnrider, was away since thursday and never ckecked back. We usually ride wheels down at 8:00a.m. I`ll let you know on the next one.Velocity boy please be more specific. Thanks
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