Allamuchy Sunday 9am.


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Going for at least 15 miles from the 517 side.
This will be a somewhat technical ride, please plan accordingly. :)
Yep! I'm in.Should be decent weekend weather wise.
Don't forget about this one if you're up for it. Looks like 3 of us so far. Going to be a sweet day and a challenging ride (at least for me :)).
i can't make it (and not too sure if I would go even if I was around), but was wondering how much MORE technical it will be as compared to the Father's Day ride.
It will have one more LONG section that is silly technical, silly. Other than that it will be a very similar loop with some extra distance thrown in.
i'll be in one of these for sure. i'll just be thinking nice thoughts from the karate kid the whole time:

"Pain does not exist in this do-jo, does it!?!?!?"

Good ride, did 16 miles, some technical stuff.Weather was nice not too hot.:D
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