Allamuchy September TM Thanks

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
Not only did we have great weather this past weekend, we had a great turn out for TM! We finished the White Tr by-pass (closer to the Tranquility side, removes the eroded fire road downhill that was in the 24 hr Race). The group has a total of 644 hours for this reporting year!!! This is up from last year’s total of 510 hours!!!

Those that came out include:

Dawn Casey
Joe Scheneck
Evan Magno
Rich Zipper
George Beckenthal
Brian Besharah
Eliot Edwards
Nelson Maldonado
Emrah Ayhan
Ekrem Ayhan
Mark Norcutt
Noah Meineke
Lenny Freilich
Don Kelly
Bob Workman
Karen Workman
Adrian Gines
Eris Gines
Joe Gabor
Steve Filipponi
Jim Gardner

Thanks to everyone!

Bob Workman
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