Allamuchy Hat trick 2/11


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Looks like Sunday should be a rather nice day, so I'll be doing the "Allamuchy Hat Trick". I'll be rolling out of the Waterloo Rd parking area and heading north to KVSP, returning towards Allamuchy and heading out to Rt. 517 and up into Deer Pk. 3-4 hours steady pace, with 2 possible food/expresso stops along the way. If your interested please post here, by 11 PM Saturday night.
Meeting at the trail head around 8:37 AM and rolling by 9:02 AM.


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great ride today. thanks Kris for leading, and thanks to all who showed up. brett, we found your route under 80 from the oppositte direction. it's really badle overgrown on the quarry side, so we just cut through the woods to the four wheeler trail and out to the quarry. tommy and i parted ways at probably 2:20ish, and i got home at about 2:40. so 6 hrs outside for me today. found my candy too. aparently it was just deeper in the pocket...

fixed my gps. just had to hit two buttons... funny, because i thought i tried hitting all of them, to no avail...
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