Allamuchy Deer Park TM 5/31

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
Hey everyone,

Wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to everyone that came out last month for TM! This includes: Jason Pilato, Lou Van Kirk, Eric Baum, Dan Matthews, Scott Morda, Kevin Connelly, Chris DeSantis, Steve Filiponi, Kevin Conelly, Alex Hayes, George Beckenthal, Karen and Bob Workman. We took care of a large mud hole at the beginning of the white trail near the dam (where the trail leaves the first parking lot). Big thanks to the Park for letting us use the Gator to move rock and fill. As always, everyone killed it!

Our next TM is set for a week from this Saturday, May 31st at 8:30. We will meet in the second parking lot at Deer Park (Directions from Rt 80 are Exit 19 (Rt 517) head south towards Hackettstown. Go approximately 2 miles to Deer Park Rd, make the left turn. Go past the first parking lot until you come to the second at the end of the road.). The plan is to work on a minor re-route of the white trail. This will involve some clearing of brush, raking and benchcutting a small section. The exact location is near the intersection with the trail that leads to Panther Valley. No need to bring any tools, as we will have enough for the group. We will walk in from the third parking lot. (We will have the Park open the gate so we can drive back.)

The event will be rain or shine (baring a torrential downpour), please dress accordingly. We would recommend that each person wear comfortable shoes/boots, bring work gloves, bug spray and water. We will bring bagels to snack on. Everyone will need to complete an NJDEP Volunteer In Parks (VIPs) form, which we will provide that day.

If we have enough energy left after working, we can do a short ride (distance based on the group). The pace will be social/casual and no one will be dropped!

The last thing we will ask is if you plan on attending, please send me a quick e-mail letting us know, this will help with planning Also if you would like to bring someone along, please do so. Thanks to everyone for showing interest in helping out!

Karen and Bob Workman

ps - here are the rest of the currently scheduled TM dates: June 28, July 26, August 16, September 20, and October 25


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Thank You

Hello Bob...I hope all is well. First off, I'll never be able to make Saturdays for TM. I have to baby sit my two youngest kids and one more is on the way (my fifth). If you ever want to do a Sunday TM just me and you, call me or write and I'd love to help out. I owe my efforts. I can also donate some money for shovels if you can't make it on Sundays. I was able to go to Deer Park yesterday at 4:30 and I rode the diversion trail you guys must have put up. I can't say I'm able to make it back up without dismounting but the job is superb. When I went down the part with a log and two boulders on both sides and then a huge boulder with moss I endo'd too. The new route definately takes care of the water issues. Again, GREAT JOB MAN. It's appreciated greatly. I also noticed other parts of the trail well groomed. Talk to you soon....Gerald aka Wazu

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy


Five kids, its amazing you find time to ride! Glad you liked the re-route. We actually went back in Sunday and cut out the two logs, did not have the saw with us on Saturday. We will also be looking at some of the rocks on the one turn and near the bottom, take out a few to make it a little smoother.

See ya,



Nice Job Bob & Crew

I was psyched too about the new re-route on the white trail. It's not a no-brainer to ride in the downhill direction - I got hung up once before I reached the junction with the Panther Valley trail. I haven't tried it yet uphill, but if Gerald didn't make it up, then neither will I. Nice improvements also by the bottom lot, and on the yellow blazed trail, if I remember correctly.

I too feel it's time to give something back. Next TM day, I'm there.

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