Allamuchy Bike Skills area


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Am I assuming that the park has approved the go ahead of the project?

Either way that's great!!! Congrats!

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
Skill Area

A proposal (including a risk managment plan and maintenace plan) was put into the Park for approval several weeks ago. This will also have to be approved down in Trenton. The area would consist of a pump track, skills area and a BMX skill area (DJ).

The area will be located at Millers Farm (part of Allmauchy State Park), which is basically across the street from Panther Valley.

the grant we have recieved from IMBA/Cliff can be used for other projects if the Skills Area is not approved or it takes longer to implement.

More to come as we get news!


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Good Luck!

Keep at it!

That's exactly what we need in NJ :D Something legit like High Bridge Park NYC
I heard Jeff Lenosky helped design High Bridge too. Maybe he can throw in some expertise since he is a Mooch local.


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We all know where "its" at is in central.....just ask wonderturtle:p

In any case, awesome news!

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
Some additional info...

Just to give everyone the thought that has gone into this project by JORBA, I wanted to share a little bit more. Also everyone has to understand thisis not a slam dunk, we have to see how the folks down in Trenton feel about this.

As part of the initial planning for the area we have contacted and have the support of the two local shops (Cycle Works and Marty's in H-Town) as well as two local pros (Jeff is one and the other is Jim Dellavalle). We have a long list of grants that we will be applying for once we have formal approval. We have applied for several smaller grants that had early deadlines (which we can use for other projects if this does not go through on the first pass).

We have also had a preliminary meeting with the Director of the Allamuchy Environmental Commission to discuss the project and how we would like to get the School involved with the project and use once completed. We will have a similar meeting with Hackettstown.

The project has been modeled after what has been going on at Highbridge and Cunningham in NY. And the skills trail in White Clay in DE. Big shout out to Jamie and Mike for NY, and Dave and Chip form DE for all the help in providing info for our Proposal and Risk Management Plan.

On a lost not for now, to all the flatlanders :), just one more reason to come up north now and then. Actually, if we are able to get this one put in it will be a model for JORBA to use elsewhere.

That’s all for now!


what does a skills area actually entail? skinnies, and what else?

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
YEs, and more

what does a skills area actually entail? skinnies, and what else?
Yup to the skinnies (multi-lines), throw in a teetertotter or two, maybe a set of progression jumps, a rock garden section, the list of fun does not end. We have lots of ideas.


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Wow, this sounds great. Stuck as I am, south of the bridge, I am particularly intrigued by the possibility of this becoming a "model" for other skills areas to develop over time. One way or the other, it's a great stride forward for riders in this state. Props to all involved for your efforts- past, present, and future.


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I'll keep my fingers cross that this will come into play. 'Mooch isn't that close to me but like others have said having something like this in the Garden State could be the beginning for other parks to have skill zone more easily.

If it goes thru and you have dig days and I can break from the family duties (damn that's a lot "ifs") I'd love to come up and help throw some dirt and slap some lips and landings.


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Any news with making that map you had at the Jorba fest available to the public? I would definitely throw some money at a good map. Maybe you could laminate them and sell them at Cycle Works.
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