Allamuchy 6/10


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Stoopid 50 was over ruled by my "life coach"(wife). Seeing how I'll be away for 6 days in 2 weeks for the charity ride, I had to do the bar b que thing tonight, and have a graduation party tomorrow afternoon at 2PM. So that left me with 4 hours for an early morning road ride today and 4 hours for Allamuchy tomorrow.
So here are the details: Rt. 206 Park & Ride Cranberry Lake. 8:30 AM, "spirited" steady pace. 3-4 hours. Hope to see you guys there.
I'll be riding over on the road from my house so don't panic if my van is not there at 8:28


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I throw down the gauntlet and he waits til frickin midnite to post when everyone knows i have limited access PCwise.I made a special stop last nite on my way home to check again at 845 and still nothing...damn you,I was looking forward to getting pummeled and sent home crying..................


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You would've been disappointed. I never left casa d'weber this morning. The festivities from yesterday left me a bit "crisp" and dehydrated.:drooling: So much so I hard time playing 3 game of nerf basketball with my son.
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