Allamuchy 50 km Post Report

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ouch ouch ouch ouch,.........What a Great race,....or should I say "ride." It was terrific! Slept in my car near Allamuchy so I wouldn't have to drive up so early. Funny thing, I was nearly late for the race anyhow. The great ladies volunteering at the reg table were afraid I wasn't going to show. With my number 456, I biked down to the start where they asked you to lay it down on the grass, and walk down the hill.

It was a fun start with everyone running up the hill. ( the officals moved the cones around so those who put there bikes next to them were now confused as to where their bikes were,...funny, I thought) Up the fire/farm road we entered into the woods. We were greeted by the first of many mud holes. The 120 racers quickly thinned out with the fast single track and numberous short climbs. And one big uphill, the fun downhill used during the 24 hours of Allamuchy, only this time the water was flowing down it. Most of the riders walked it to pace themselves and save their drivetrain.

The first 14 miles was a lot of the 24 of Allamuchy's past three years courses, only backwards. The Rest and Repair aid station at 14 miles was Wonderful. I stayed there too long because the food was so good! The after restarting for 200 yards, I had to come back. I messed up my derailuer pretty bad. Cycleworks John, my knight in shining armour, came to my rescue, with his magnificant machanical hands. He is soooo good! And away I went!

Yes, the next eight miles were brutal! The ROCKS, the CLIMBS, the football field length MUD HOLES! I've never had to repeat so many "positive affirmations" to myself since the 24 hours of Allamuchy two years ago. ( Remember the RAIN and course that year!) I was so thankful to catch up to Bob, my new biking idol. This man can CLIMB! I learned so much techy stuff from following him. We waited and inspired other riders atop some climbs too. Mountainbikers really are a great bunch of people. You don't know them when they go out, but through the pain, suffering, accomplishments, breakdowns, and perserverance, we all come together at the finish line and exchange numbers. A new riding buddy found!

At the 19 mile aid station, the medics saw my bleeding leg. "Are you alright, can we clean that up for you?" they asked. "No, my leg is still attached and that's good enough for me," I replied. Dawn and friends at the aid station were happy for us and said the hardest part was over. All of this was said as we dodged chestnuts dropping on us! Only 10 miles to go!

It was a lot more singletrack with some wicked turns. It was so fun! yes, there were more rocks, mud holes, and climbs, but the end was near. The weather was sunny and it looked like a beautiful fall hiking day. (I guess that's why we had to get off our bikes and climb, hee hee) Unfortuanately, the wind was really picking up and dropping all sorts of sticks on us. The trail was becoming riddled with new obstacles. One could hear the trees cracking and then falling to the ground. We had to carry our bikes over new tree logs since they were unridible. Even at it's worst, we knew we were on the downside of the course. The Downhill came and we rode the water down! New tree down, climb over it, continued down the hill. The fun and fast singletrack was the best! Then the MUD came,....can we say "OOOOOverEnder!" Bob went in, and his tire went to China! Thank Gooddness the mud was soft. He laughed so hard too. We knew he wasn't the only biker this swamp mud captured! Not much farther, we near the end. Two new trees landed on the trail, so up and over we went. The cheers down the straight away were Great!

What a Fun day! BobW, dirtpixie, and all the volunteers, chaingangs, and supportives,....THANKS!!! (oh yea, I didn't think I'd place in this race. 5th was a Wonderful surprise!) Let's do it again next year. NJ Jess
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