Allamuchy 5/26


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Riding Allamuchy tomorrow morning. Shooting for a 7:45 - 8:00-ish start time from the Tranquility Farms parking area. Figuring 2.5 to maybe 3 hours (gotta be home by noon). Riding at a casual to moderate pace (translation - I don't race, have a training program, or ride more than 2x a week) if anyone cares to join.

I'll be out there too a bit later. Starting at 9:30ish. What color is your car Norm?:D
Advice for you 3, BRING LOTS OF BUG SPRAY!
I rode Allmuchy last night at 9PM for 2 hours and never saw a 'skeeter. Must be your man perfume. (or your riding partners):p
Bugs were only a problem when we stopped, overall not bad. I don't know who drives what so I decided not to piss on anything. Mike I think that was you parked behind me? Brett thought Jeff's car was the only other non-minivan there but he wasn't sure.

I faced "the bridge" again today. Damn that was a big drop. Probably 5 feet down to the rocks.
Yeah, that was me parked behind you. If memory serves, Jeff has an Acura SUV, which I saw when I got back. Couldn't piss on anything at that point even if I wanted to. Didn't cross paths with a single mtb'r the entire ride.

I had the same thought about the bugs, and then I got a flat. I think the bug spray did the trick despite the swarm that attacked me as I swapped tubes - don't seem to have too many bites. Motivated my ass to change it quickly though.

Good solo ride despite some cramping in the last couple of miles.
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