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Tommy and I had arrived at Allaire today about 12:30. Having never been there before I met gt2brew in the parking lot and he gave us the 411, thanks Brew :) We headed out to I believe *Kiddie krit* trail, I was like, OK this place sucks! Than we can upon what was called *Tiger Woods* WOW! after we did that area the ride was awesome! We did 12 miles and finished along the *River Trail* This is, in my opinon in the top 3 rides in NJ.
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Wow, I got out there around that time too, sorry I missed everyone, then again, I don't know what anyone looks like. I think I'm just going to go there on a saturday or sunday and hold up a sign that says "Have we met on" and see if anyone wants to ride. I had a great time there on friday, saturday and sunday, my legs are toast now, and I can tell by my new cycling computer dealybop that I did 41 miles over those three days and averaged over 9 mph, don't really know what that all means, but it was fun doing it. Woo Hoo!!!!!:getsome::getsome:


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Dude averaging 9mph I guess thats rolling I'm happy if I roll at 7.
I guess it's good I ride alone I would be in the back anyway.
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