Allaire TM Sunday July 20


Hi all,
This sunday July 20th at 8am we will have another exciting episode of "let's undo what our friend did" . We will focus on Glass, Steelman, and Serpentine trails that need some work to repair the Nicks that have been damaged. The work that was done last month is fantastic and I would like to do the same for the above mentioned trails. We can walk or ride in, it all depends on your favorite mode of transportation. It will be warm so don't forget the water. You will also need the bug spray and gloves, I think we have the tools covered. Hope to see you all on sunday at the Hospital Rd. lot at 8am.


Ohhh Fuuudddddggggggeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, the TM is scheduled for a TJ work weekend. U cats need to check my calender before scheduling these TM's. Don't worry tho, I've got all of them written in, so, if I'm not working one of these times I'll totally be there. When that day comes, the day after, Allaire will look quite a bit like the Six Flags of MTB'ing.


hot hot hot

With temps in the high 90's, our great crew worked hard and gave a ton of love back to Allaire. We re-opened, and modified quite a few nicks on the Glass Trail. A great big thanks go out to:

Bill Kaminski
Paul Osbourne
Ebbe Osbourne
Frank Harms
Christopher Drew
Gerald Francis
Walter Rebele
Jim Doeren
Val Doeren
Ozzie Alfaro
Chris Rogers
Mike Confenti
Marc Muller
Nick Alvino
Tim Lynch
Jamie Voss

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
Great job to all who gave back to Allaire. I would have been there, but I had a rough Sat. and a butt load of stuff to do at home today.


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
once again it was a good time even though it was kinda hot..I also learned how to make a mega nick.

Dusty the Whale

next one

what about a TM on a saturday...i work till 4am on saturday nights and well i drink while i work so im double useless on sundays...i feel bad i cant give back...
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