Allaire TM Sunday April 27


This month we will focus on restoring some of the log features that were removed by......let's just say a confused individual. We will also be re-establishing the bench cut on IMBA and the Switchbacks. So bring your bike and we'll dodge a few raindrops for some fun in the woods.


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Frank was getting a head start this evening. He, Mike, and Brian were training the next generation of trail bosses.

Emily and I helped flatten the soil as we rode by. :hmmm:


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A big "thank you " goes out to all that braved the early morning rain and gave a lot of love back to Allaire.

Dean Kiaschko
Bob Schwarz
Jim Doeren
Val Doeren
Brian Gilfillan
Tyler Gilfillan
Ebba Osbourne
Paul Osbourne
Kerry Lucas
Greg Ragona
Judy Schaefer
Jim Barthmus
Tim Lynch
Liz Turrin
Ken Seebeck
Nick Alvino
Carole Allamand
Mike Flatley
Brian Snyder
Ferdie Araga
John Godwin
John Arias
thank you all !!

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