Allaire TM Sunday 6-22


Howdy all,
This sunday June 22 at 8am we will meet at the Hospital Rd. lot to do some trail maintenance. We've had a few heavy rains lately that have filled a few of the nicks we placed throughout the park. Most of the reason we need to attend to these is someone has lined the areas with sticks and logs, basically rendering the nicks useless. So we will fix those and try to attack a few mud holes as well. We will be walking in to do the work but bring some wheels for some post-work fun. Tools will be provided but you will need work gloves, water, and don't forget the bug spray. :)


Horse-faced space dog
if all goes to plan the mean irish girl and myself will be in attendence. the only reason i WONT be there is if my buddy stops through NY on his trip that day. in which i will be in NY


Horse-faced space dog
i dont know where we will be going on the trails but i have a vendetta against one particular thorn bush over near the alligator. josh and i got the brunt of it on tuesday, haha.


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I have a brunch in the AM... I am going to try and get out for a ride sometime but won't be at the TM...

Mongoose Rider

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Bad weather on the horizon...

Well as of 0230 this morning, weather .comis showing AM thunderstorms...

That knocks me out for the TM. I should be able to make it for Tuesday's beginner ride though.... See yah then.


thank you !

Thanks to everyone who came out even though the weather man called for thunderstorms all morning. We refreshed a few trails and we were able to do it without getting wet! Thanks to:
Bob Schwarz
Tod Christianson
Rick Steelman
David Sagui
Christin Sagui
Bill Kaminski
Sarah Ralston
Brian Snyder
Tony Caprio
John Arias

see you next month!


Horse-faced space dog
great to hear you guys had a good day! i wish i could have made it. its looking like we are going to get that rain today instead.
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