Allaire TM 9/8 thanks.


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
The weather is getting better for riding and working on the trails...
Today our crew went in to clear some of the sand as well as the nicks to help divert the water of the trails.
With a good crew we were able to spli into 2 crews to hit the glass trail as well as the blue trails and serpintine.
Then headed back to the lot for bagels and Very good doughnuts That Dave stopped for and some chocolate chip cookies the JT brought.
Big thanks to our crew today.

Robert Denigris
Justin Barry
Chris Barry
Matt DeFelice
J.T DeFelice
Mike Arberg
Dave Niemierowski
Lucas Niemierowski
Andy Robinson
Chris Cornell
Romit Patil
Rajesh Patil
Mike Confenti

Hope to see everyone out for our next session on October the 6th.