Allaire State Park 11/9


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Had a blast last week at chimney rock... Was wondering if the same group (and anyone else) wants to do a 7am ride at Allaire State Park???


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I'd like to tag along as I haven't been to allaire yet, ass crack of dawn or not, count me in :)


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trails should be nice and tacky come Sunday morning.... I have a loop in mind that will cover 95% of the trails, but I also want to link up with that out and back bridge trail... I think its off Tiger Woods... although its a blur...:hmmm:


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the bridge trail you speak of is the coke trail and it will be a SLOPPY mess this weekend after all this rian we had. prolly not a good idea as it will wreck the trails. they dont see enough maintnance as is so its prolly best to stay off em.
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