Allaire Sept. Thanks


Hi All,
We had yet another terrific turnout for trail maintenance. Today we finished the re-route we started last month, put in some nicks on Steelman, and fixed a section on the entrance trail. I would like to thank everyone for a great day of work and fun. As you may remember last year we set a record 613 volunteer hours at Allaire, well today we passed that number and with 2 sessions left we are presently at 652 hours. Well done everyone!!!
Today’s volunteers:

  • David Sagui
    Jessica Sagui
    Christin Sagui
    Amber Henderson
    Joe Santana
    Paul Osbourne
    Ebba Osbourne
    Ozzie Alfaro
    Mitch Gold
    Will Hukeberg
    Mike Confenti
    Jim Doeren
    Val Doeren
    Rick Steelman
    Vince Klock
    Lee Anderson
    Nick Alvino
    Mike Flatley
    Sarah Ralston
    James Ralston
    Bill Kaminsky
    Liz Turrin
    Charlie Wenz
    Brian Watson
    Frank Harms
    Jamie Voss

Thank you all!!
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