Allaire Sat Jan 3 AM????


El Guac-Oh
anybody available & willing to show me and my buddy da goods down there???
tomorrow morning around 8-8.30am???

Havent been to Allaire in ages and the times I was there I was following somebody else.

also, I haven't been on my bike since early Dec, so pace not to fast :eek:, I'm bringin da little wheels with gears, since I STILL don't have my SS replacement frame :mad::mad:

if not I guess I'll just go to Ringwood and battle with the snow :getsome:


damn dude....I would love to show you around but I've got a honeydo list in the am. Can you delay until about 1?


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Riding with the Mtndawg at his local rocky place at 8.30am. Allaire is sandy.


sorry mayn!!!!

since the 501 crew is N/A, Die Sourlands it is...see ya @ 8.30.

This 501'er loves to get up erly, digs showing people around, but just isn't available. Workin for the weekend!!! Conditions are perfect too, any sand is frozen over.
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