Allaire ride


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so how was Allaire today? I was out there friday and yesterday the only thing I found was someone moved the log on the glass trail I put it back friday night and it was still there saterday.
also another bottle banner day came out with 3 empty dry 1 liter water bottles....I wish the was a deposit on these..

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
Conditions were very good today. I put in 3.5 hours, saw very little mud, and only a few things to be tweeked before the winter weather really arrives. Frank has already said he wants those areas to be the focus of the next TM. See you on the trails.


Horse-faced space dog
i would have loved to have rode today only my knee was bothering me this morning. i rode on friday and saturday in PA at two different parks and had a lot of fun but pulled a sweet OTB and mashed my knee up a bit.
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