Allaire Rediscovered...


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I just spent my evening at Allaire SP and felt compelled to come here and write. I've been on the somewhat new golf course trail before with JDog, AON, and others. I did it again today and just had a blast.

I spent some time trying to remember the old racecourse routes but never cared for the flow of those trails. Too many intersections with trails going every which way. Once on the golf Course trail...I got into a groove. No intesections to distract you. Just endless tight turns and constantly changing elevations. NICE! Some stuff looked like it had been cut recently. Props to those who are doing the TM at Allaire.



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Hey Ben,

You should hook up with Chris G.

He knows the place very well and it is more fun to follow him around.

PM him and I am sure he will give you the real tour you are after.

You should get your daughter out there too!

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