Allaire Log Removal


It would seem that someone has taken it upon themselves to remove logs from the Allaire trails. If you read this, please do NOT do this anymore. Logs in trails are used for many functions (speed control being one of them) and are to be taken care of by the park or ATUG only. We have also had a fence broken down which blocked a closed trail. If anyone has any issues with trail conditions at Allaire, please contact me or the park office, but please don't take it upon yourself to change things. Instead, join us at a TM session and pitch in with the rest of ATUGs great group of volunteers.
Thank you


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In my delusional state I have to hope that none of the (ir)regulars here are part of this, or would even consider doing this. If I'm wrong, I would hope that those reading consider what Frank says - that logs are sometimes there for a reason other than technical fun. It's all a well designed plan that people like myself don't always entirely understand.


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GGGRRRRR!!!!!! if there's one thing i can't stand, it's dumbing down of approved and legal obstacles on a trail. but there's more than one thing i can't stand. but that still definitely one of them. get some skills, walk over it, or stay on the road.


We assess the logs by the Anrothar scale. If Sean can go over them on his 29er they stay.;)

It's really sad because we don't have any logs of significant size to begin with, and to have these little logstacles removed is just silly. The Howell Reservoir is only a few miles away and they don't have any logstacles.


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I'd have to guess that every person in this forum would never do that. In fact I'd bet that most of us "fix" obstacles on a regular basis. I know I do at Allamuchy Mountain. I never thought about it but I wouldn't even go mountain biking without the obstacles. Hills hurt but obstacles bruise! Yeah baby.......YEAH!!!!


how about making it six inches higher than i can currently clear? i need a challenge too. :(

there's this Giant Sequoia that I've had my eye on ;)

Actually my post was to bring this dastardly deed to light. Hoping that the cycling community would band together and flush out these villains.:getsome: :mad2: :getsome:


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Last week me and chris were really disapointed about a log being removed on one of the sections which is a blast to hit at speed.


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Last week me and chris were really disapointed about a log being removed on one of the sections which is a blast to hit at speed.
That was the Glass Trail. We rode there today, and I'm happy to report that the logs have been repaired.

As always, sincerest gratitude to those putting the love into the Allaire trails.
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