Allaire first impressions

Well you know what they say about first impressions... You only get one.

So I went to Allaire for the first time on Saturday, with the comment given to me sometime during the summer in the back of my mind that it was not worth a special trip. I'm glad to say baaa to that comment. I loved the place. It was great. The ultimate in twisty single track. Set in the Jersey pines and totally different than what I'm used to in North Jersey I had a blast. You want to learn how to turn, go there. Fast fun and refreshing. The jumps at the jump pit were ok and could use lots of work but I didn't bring a shovel so I just found a line to my liking and smiled.

Was it worth the trip? Absolutely... Do I wish it was closer? ... You bet.

NJ Jess

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Nice to hear you enjoyed the trails. It really does work your "fast twichy" turn factors. GT2brew has one of the best routes to follow to get the most out of the park. I lead 2 experts and one semipro on the route and it was the "EXPRESS" train through the park. Hope to see more of you enjoying the great work of JORBA's ATUG chapter.


Allaire is a great place to ride and it is very different then the trails in northern NJ. next time you come down post it and I'll try and make it.



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i gotta make it to a group ride there. I went for the first time and had fun, but I am sure I was missing alot of the good stuff. Allaire is about 35 miles from me, straight shot on 195. Only a bit longer of a ride than clayton, but where I'm located, I'd probably rather head to wissahickon.

<~~~Colin, hoping to tag along with some regulars next time.


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Yes, a big horay to Frank and the Atug crew for their great work on the trails at Allaire.:)


I happen to like Claire as well, although I know many ppl who don't. I like the section across the street with all the jumps mostly!!!



I have been going there since 1989, hard to believe.

There have been alot of new trails made since then, I think its one of the best places in n.j. Summer or winter..

Thx again to the Jorba crew for all there efforts in past years.

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