allaire feb 17th


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hey all.

i'll be riding allaire at 8am on sunday the 17th. if you're headed out around that time and don't mind an addition to your group, or if you're looking for someone to ride with, stop and say hi. i'll be driving a black corolla and riding a rootbeer niner MCR.


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Should be the carnival-like atmosphere in the lot again tomorrow. We're hitting around 9:30. Black Vibe (car, not race) and blue trek (no, I'm not IMBAman). BTW, waves were sick last 2 days.

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8am WTF i was just there today and it was real good was gonna do hartshorne sunday but i think the 2new guys im tring to get to go are being P's


Yo Mr. Chainsaw,,,,, I thought you were gonna be out there around 11 today. Didn't see your car when I got there around 12 or 1, can't remember which, then I rode back thru the lot and thought I saw your ride there, then, when I came back you were gone. Anyway, conditions were swell out there today, and I caught it after it warmed up a little out there. I'm gonna be out there between 9 and 10 tomorrow, but I'm riding with a guy that's a little slower tomorrow, don't think anyone would wanna jump in on that train. But, maybe I'll get to see some of you cats out there. Of course maybe not, cuz there is the off chance I may be heading to Hartshorne tomorrow, which would be cool, I haven't been there in a while.


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we should be getting there by 9-930. Grey Acura with a Yellow Azure and a Green Motolite.


Holly cow I'm on the floor. :hysterica

We should be there about 12:00-12:30pm, I'm driving from NY State. How come no one rides at 12? which are the good trails to take? Im so confused
Fallgirl ... :)

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not so

Guess you have to be a guy to have a question answered

most folks ride early when the freeze/thaw cycle is going on so the trails are still frozen for the whole ride. Also a lot of us old farts have to spend at least part of the day with the family/wife /other, or else have to resort to setting up a tent in the woods, ( "why don't you just live there").


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allaire was in great shape this morning, my ride lasted about 1:45 - i'm spent. hey kirt and nelson - it was nice to see you guys - hope you had a good ride.
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