Allaire Dec 18th 05

NJ Jess

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Well, it was another Great ride at Allaire today. we started at 930 and it was a good call. The trails were dry and frozen. It was fast and fun! The skills that can be refined are fast and tight switchbacks, berms, and numberous mini hills. My HR monitor was kicking 160 most of the time with few stops. So much for base training at zone 1 and 2. Riding with 3 experts (one of which a national champion), was the coolest mountain biking experience,.......and they were just the women! The three men were mt biking animals! Ahhh, I love this sport. Hope everyone else enjoyed this weather. Hey Kerry, It was Wonderful to see you. ECBC is a cool group. Hope to talk to you move about The Longest Day,..........Smiles, Jess
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