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Johnny Utah

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Snow Report.

3-5” in places. As of 3pm the walkers and some cyclists have hit the trails between the main Hospital Road Lot and the sandpit. These tracks along with the mud ruts will freeze overnight. (Hopefully)

Blind trail, parts of Mick’s trail are saturated and did not take snow. There is a lot of standing water on those trails.

The further you get from the lot the better, but the standing water from before the storm was not frozen today.

Saturday - We are going to get a freeze tonight, if you are riding the previously mentioned areas studs will be your friend. Once it warms up the sandpit to the main Hospital Road lot will be a wet mess.

The WMA will be deep with hunters tomorrow as the snow tracking is a dream. Those areas should not have bikes on them with exception to Sundays during hunting season.


Sooooo, who wants to meet up for a group ride tomorrow? :Ugh:




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Went to Six Mile this morning. Trails are sheets of ice. Looking to ride frozen mud not frozen water. Anyone ride Allaire Today?

Johnny Utah

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Frozen solid and dry goodness!
Instead of internetraging, just watch the weather (I think that was suggested :^)
23_26 deg, no snow, it was great.
This will be over for Monday. It’s pouring here right now and will be almost 50 degrees for the majority of the night. What was frozen at Allaire will now be thawed plus a full night of rain. It’s going to need a few days or a deep freeze.


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3.2/4 at 2pm today. Very little mud, but quite a bit of debris from the wind. I stayed out of the lower trails.


Directly SSW of the Airdrome (which is in the background of the picture but not so visible) on Orange is this 14" x 38 foot deadfall across the trail.
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Johnny Utah

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I hear half of NJ rode Allaire today. How were conditions; do tell…
There are a good amount of trees/brush down in various areas. Lots of leaves piled in spots from intense rain/run off over the frozen ground from the storm we had the other night. Lots of areas were spongy. Rain turning to snow tomorrow. Should turn to ice for the weekend.
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